• Dec. 2021: Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Cluster Detecion - Methods and Applications:
    • University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine - Environmental Health Division, virtual.
  • May. 2021: Teaching Debugging to Learners: slides.
    • UW-Madison Carpentries Instructor Development Meeting, virtual.
  • Apr. 2021: A Crash Course on Git & GitHub: slides.
    • Pathogen Dynamics Lab Group, University of Cambridge, virtual.
  • Mar. 2021: Identifying Spatial Clusters of Breast Cancer Risk: A Lasso Approach to the Wisconsin Women’s Health Study.
    • ENAR Spring Meeting, virtual
  • Feb. 2021: Self-Assessment with learnr: slides.
    • useR Boston Meetup, virtual.


  • Dec. 2020: Identification of Breast Cancer Spatial Structures Based on the Wisconsin Women’s Health Study.
    • Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) Annual Meeting, Virtual
  • Aug. 2020: Detecting Disease Clusters Across Space and Time Using Model Averaging.
    • American Statistical Association (ASA) Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) Virtual, Virtual.

2019 and earlier

  • Sep. 2019: Statistical Analysis of Madison Water Utility Main Breaks.
    • Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association, Madison, WI.
  • Aug. 2016: Predicting Enforcement of Pollution and Hazardous Waste Violations in New York State.
    • Data Science for Social Good Conference, Chicago, IL.